Shukes and Giff #ShukesAndGiff

Episode 4 - Let's be Lazy

In this episode we talk about:

10. Get rid of quick access

9. . to Share

8. V to change the view

7. P to Preview files

6. / to search Drive

5. N to rename a file

4. shift f, o, d, p, s to create all the file types

3. Shift ? to see all short cuts in Drive (and in any Google App)

2. D to view the Details side panel where you can see folders a file sits in and remove it from those files

1. Shift Z to add a file to multiple folders

All Shortcuts

  1. Type Shift + / to auto-magically reveal all the shortcuts in Google Drive!


  1. Type P to preview the files in a folder.

  2. Scroll up & down to see more of the file. If it is a slide deck, click through the slides.

  3. Use the arrows to move to the next item. Escape to finish.

Shift Z (pronounced Zed)

  1. Click a file

  2. Type Shift + Z (pronounced zed) :)

  3. Select the folder to ADD the file to

Details View

  1. Type D to see the details for a file including all the folders it sits in.

  2. Click the x to remove the file from that folder.

  3. Type D or escape to finish.