Shukes and Giff The Podcast #ShukesAndGiff


In this LIVE (from the MACUL conference in Detroit, MI) we talk about Flipgrid shorts and camera & AR, a tool to copy FOLDERS (!!) in Drive, and a couple of cool Drive tricks. Audience members share Google Photo scan, Autodraw in Book creator, Planbook, Powtoon, and a multiplication table trick. the show notes

In this episode we talk about a bunch of features and tools for your Mac, Chrome extensions to change favicons and access Instagram, some Google EDU on air learning on accessibility, making learning visible in Scratch, and an amazing student 20 time project. the show notes

In this episode we talk about a rapid writing tool, ideas for student privacy, using lists in Twitter, new Google Meet news, writing poetry with robots, Google Tasks, and two Google Chrome extensions one for Google calendar and one for GMail the show notes

In this episode we discuss a tools for drawing, searching, spelling, and reading and we do it all with digital games. the show notes

In this episode...we talk about updates from Google, a tool to create scavenger hunts or digital breakouts, communication and Netflix, Building an app prototype, some geo tools, and Can Lit. the show notes

In this episode we talk about art - seeing yourself in it and making it, a couple of Google Earth resources, design thinking tools, Google experiments, and how to change link colours in a slide deck. the show notes

In this episode we talk about Two Itty Bitty (soon to be) Shukey Giffys, Twitter reply etiquette, captions to Drive files, a new curation and organization tool, and graphic organizers from a friend. the show notes

In this episode Jen talks to Sean Fahey and Karly Moura about a curation and collaboraton tool, a Chrome extension to gather a ton of links, virtual field trips on a budget, a kid safe search engine, and a bitmoji hacks that will blow your mind! the show notes

In this episode Jen talks to Kim Randall and Kelly Kermode about a bunch of Google Maps features, an organization to connect classes, a tip to resize pictures in Forms, a machine powered Quiz maker, a bunch about Tour Builder and Tour Creator and little know facts about Google Earth Voyageur Stories. the show notes

In this overflow broadcast, we share some timeline making tools, a Chrome extension to help with sharing files, a resource to help with critical thinking and communication and current event website.

In this episode Kim chats with Danny Leeming (@dleeming2 ) about all sorts of edu-topics.

In this episode Jen talks with Eric Curts and Tony Vincent about some tools to remove background from photos, a teleprompter tool, resources for teaching arts, music, and science, a cool video app, and a dad joke resource. the show notes

In this episode Kim talks to Jake Miller talk about an extension for typing shortcuts, a brand new incredible education podcast, quick check-ins with Forms, Videos in Drawings, stylizing comments and bullets, and a couple of command shift surprises. the show notes

In this episode we talk about an emoji builder, a different resource from Eric Curts, some wellness tools, a way to integrate coding and storytelling, a digital notetaking tool and a cool Chrome extension.

In this episode we share a bunch of keystroke and Google Classroom Itty Bitty Shukey Giffy's, an augmented reality app to showcase notable women, a couple of new Screencastify features, and a website the curious.

In this episode, we talk about easily accessing websites on a mobile device, making direct links to pages in a PDF, finding people in a Google file, force copying a Google Form, the truth behind linking slides in Google Slides, Twitter shortcuts, bulk printing Google Files, format painter, and a new way to watch YouTube videos.

In this overflow broadcast, we share some tips that just could not wait for the next official episode. Check out Unhangouts, Cool Keystrokes, and a new feature in Google Sites.

In this episode, we talk about a whole bunch of ways to use Google Slides including stop motion animation, making GIFs, embedding screencastify videos, the new closed captioning feature, and a way to showcase social media, as well as Drive and Dropbox files automatically in a scrolling deck.

In this episode, we share a message from a listener, and we talk about #SketchnoteFever, embedding Twitter in Sites, two Chrome extensions - one for accessibility amongst other uses, another for lesson delivery, some design tips, hiding pages in Google Sites, and making Docs temporary.

In this episode we talk about a couple of ways to help you tell your accounts apart in Chrome, a tip and an extension to help you cue up YouTube excerpt quickly, another mindfulness tool, a fast way to make infographics in Google Slides, and a nifty math resource.

In this episode we talk about a mindfulness tool, the Chrome Music Lab, a new back channel tool, and a tool to create pngs.

In this episode we talk about changes in Google Classroom, Flipgrid, YouTube, an extension for recording sounds in Google Slides, an app to create GIFs from your photos, a Google Forms add on to help with loaning out resources and how to copy images from Google Docs.