Shukes and Giff #ShukesAndGiff

Season 2, Episode 6: This might be the Shukes Show!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Add Google form (or any website) icon to mobile device by using the share arrow (sharrow)

  • Add a direct link to a PDF - after .pdf type "#page=[page number]" e.g., to got to page 3 type ".pdf#page=3"

  • Click the avatar (initial or face) of anyone in the same Google file as you to go to same slide

  • Share a form force copy or template/preview

  • Linking slides - It goes one way from original to copied.

  • Twitter shortcuts - J to jump from tweet to tweet, R to retweet, L to like.

  • PDF Mergy in Chrome Web Store to merge multiple Google files to print at once

  • Format painter in slides (see below)

  • You Tube now has picture in picture (double right click the video)

Format Painter will stick in slides...soon

Force Copy a Google Form

How To Force Copy a Google Form