Shukes and Giff #ShukesAndGiff

Season 4, Episode 5: Carp & Giff

People & Show Shoutouts

Special guest appearance by Bryon Carpenter

Bryon currently serves as a secondary math, science and digital literacy teacher at the Abbotsford Virtual School since 2010. He took a leave from AVS in 2015-16 to serve as a Helping Teacher for Technology at STaRT Education supporting (GAFE), MOODLE, Wordpress, IOS integration into classrooms. Previously, he taught at Yale and Mouat Secondary schools in Abbotsford, after leaving his career as an industrial chemist at a pharmaceutical company in Langley.

Bryon hosts his a new podcast, unlike anything you may have heard before, called FreshAirAtFive (available on ApplePodcast, Castbox, Overcast, Spotify and Anchor)

Technology is merely a tool, which when wielded appropriately can enhance this human endeavour we call education.