Shukes and Giff #ShukesAndGiff

Season 4, Episode 9: Conti & Giff

  • How to add placeholders for images in Google Slides · SlidesMania: Paula has a YouTube Channel that I follow that has all her tips for using her SlidesMania Slides!!! AMAZING!

  • Google Meet Auto Log Out

  • TeacherMade: YouTube Tutorial

  • Master Your Mac Course

    • Two finger tap over text - zoom in to text

    • Right click line in dock to move it

    • OPT + ESC - read highlighted text (need to turn on in accessibility - spoken content - speak selection)

    • Rename folders by CMD + Enter

    • Change YT speed - SH + . to increase, Sh + , to slow down

  • Cooltext: create text (plain and animated) that you can quickly add into any document

  • Blooket

  • ClassroomQ: Digital waiting room (export of questions to excel)

  • Record to Slides

  • Mote: give audio feedback instantly in Classroom, Slides & Docs (can translate transcript into other languages/ great YouTube Channel)

People & Show Shoutouts

Paula (Slides Mania) - @SlidesManiaAM

Clay Smith - @ClayCodes

Tony Vincent - @TonyVincent

Jen Giffen Upcoming Appearances

@Conti_jen on Twitter

Special guest appearance by Jen Conti

I am a wife, mother, and educator and I love all of it!

I have been in education for 23 years. My first 19 years were as a middle school teacher at the school my husband and I attended. All three of our daughters also went there along with our siblings and our nieces and nephews! I have taught most of them! I was introduced to Chromebooks about 9 years ago as part of the the tech team who was choosing new tech to purchase for our school. I fell in love! I started finding new ways to make learning more engaging for my students while also meeting all of their diverse needs. An opportunity for a tech integration specialist opened at a neighboring school. I interviewed (at the encouragement of the principal, family and friends) and was offered the position. I have been at my current school for 4 years now. I am a Google Certified Educator and have presented at local conferences and for the Diocese of Cleveland. I have participated on curriculum writing teams for the Diocese as well. This summer I am partnering with Kent State University to offer Professional Development opportunities to teachers. The course is titled: Innovating Teaching and Learning: Integrating Google Tools to Engage Learners. (graduate credit is available). It will be an asynchronous class running from June 20th-August 7th. My passion for learning and helping others discover how enjoyable learning can be is what drives me. This past year has been challenging, but seeing what our teachers have been able to do and have been inspired to create has been extremely rewarding.