Shukes and Giff #ShukesAndGiff

Season 5, Episode 4: Covington & Giff

People & Show Shout

Guest Host: Tom Covington

Tom is a former English Teacher turned Technology TOSA for the Bassett Unified School District in La Puente, CA. He has taught all levels of English, from ELD and Intensive English Intervention to honors and AP Literature classes. His passion is teaching students and teachers to be tech lovers, and using the power of technology to get their voices heard.

Tom’s passion for teaching and learning also extends outside the classroom. He was a swim coach for Bassett High school for over 10 years, and coached club swim for seven years before that. He is a CPR/First Aid trainer, as well as a Water Safety Instructor. He is an avid reader and novice writer, and maintains a semi-regular blog.

He co-hosts a podcast TOSAs Talking Tech for BUSD, which can be found and his blog is at