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Season 5, Episode 5: Cottier & Giff

People & Show Shout

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A sample of Emma's Google Drawings art.

Jen's tree!

Kim Pollishukes Google Draw Journey!!


First time making a digital portrait!



Guest Host: Emma Cottier

Emma Cottier is a passionate and enthusiastic middle school teacher from Victoria, British Columbia. She loves to integrate technology into the every day classroom in creative and engaging ways and specializes in utilizing Google Draw and Google Slides to create visual masterpieces! Emma has spent the last sixteen years teaching in the Saanich School District, and also works as an Educational Consultant for The Cobblestone Collective, Designed for Learning, and UpSavvy. Emma is a Google Certified Educator, Google for Education Certified Innovator (#SWE17), and a Google for Educatioanl Certified Trainer. When she is not creating digital designs, you can find her playing with her little human, on the softball field, practicing her photography, or exploring the great outdoors.